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Enjuvenate Testimonials



Cy Maxfield, Edmonds Washington
I am 86 years old and am a retired Naturopathic Physician. I have been with Enrich for four years. In January of 1996, I fell on the ice and sustained a head injury. Not wanting to be treated by medical doctors, I used our Enrich natural products to get better. A concussion takes a very long time to heal, especially at my age, so I became very depressed with the way my memory was, and my balance. I withdrew into myself and became very lonely and discouraged. My family says the "light went out of my eyes". Due to macular degeneration I was nearly blind in one eye. In about a year I was able to restore my vision dramatically using Endoderm™ and saturation doses of Lifepath™ 50. I also lost over 70 pounds with Power Trim® and Nature's Tea®. In August, I started using EnJuvenate™ and everyone who saw me asked me what I was doing because I was so different. I give all the credit to Enrich and the wonderful new product, EnJuvenate™. I also take MSM Complex, and I believe these two items are products no one should be without.

s  My moods improved right away, my memory seemed clearer
s  The "light came back in my eyes"
s  Vitality took a huge jump
s  No more pain
s  Terrible morning muscle cramps gone
s  Very strong fingernails
s  Hair growing back
s  My muscle definition is very good, and I have started to work out again
s  I do 35 pound curls (a few months ago, I couldn't do even five pounds)
s  I never get sick
s   Boundless energy


Maureen Morrison - Victoria BC
I am writing this letter to explain my personal testimony about the HGH producing product that I have been taking since August 7th, 1998. I am 46 years old and in fairly good health to begin with. However, I really have noticed a huge change in my body as a result of taking Enrich's EnJuvenate ™.

The following benefits have already appeared:

s  My energy level immediately increased at least 100%, and has maintained this level.
s  My body fat has reduced dramatically (I have lost 2" around my middle).
s  My whole body feels more muscular, solid, stronger and I have greater stamina.
s  My skin is thicker and more supple.
s  My fingernails are now a lot stronger.

Gary McKay Age 62 Seattle, WA
On August 22, 1998, I was introduced to EnJuvenate™ while attending the Enrich University in Provo, Utah. The first time I took the product, I experienced a tingling sensation throughout my body and a surge of energy. That night, I had the best sleep I have had in years. The next morning, I had this feeling of well being that lasted throughout the day. Now, just about two months later, these are the benefits I have received from the product.

s  My hair is getting darker and my bald spots are filling in
s  My muscles are getting definition
s  I have less wrinkles
s  I don't bruise as easily as before
s  My liver spots are disappearing
s  I feel stronger and have more energy
s  My libido is renewed
s  My outlook on life is brighter

Sue Heinz, Washington
A Senior Citizen! 4 Weeks on Product (15 Servings)

Sept. 3, 1998: Started using EnJuvenate™. Not able to exercise due to knee problems and pain associated with fibromyalgia. Has "battled the bulge" around the middle for several years. Tried dieting and herbal products to reduce the inches without success. 'No energy' was a constant battle. Has contended with fingernails that were weak, ridged and splitting. She gave up thinking her nails would ever grow or be strong.

Oct. 1, 1998: 4 weeks on EnJuvenate™. Measurements revealed a 4-INCH LOSS AROUND HER WAIST! She couldn't believe it, but knew her clothes were fitting better, so she measured again and again. Fingernails are now long, strong, and the ridges are almost gone. She is feeling so much better that she signed up for an exercise class at an exclusive health club. Her schedule this month is so busy, she is having trouble fitting everything in….

Oct. 8, 1998: As I write this testimony, I just can't believe the "spunk" in the voice of the woman at the other end of the phone's my mom! This was the same woman who was doubtful about EnJuvenate™, but decided to "give it a try" after reading the benefits of HGH in Dr. Ronald Klatz' book, Grow Young With HGH. It's wonderful to know that with Enrich's EnJuvenate™, everyone can experience the benefits of Human Growth Hormone without any side effects. THERE IS HOPE!