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Fact Sheet on Viva.

(Based on their brochure “ Nutrition and you”

1) Proven Management Team?

# A one-man show headed by the founder, a Chinaman called David Fan.

# Rumored that Bob hemming, an Enrich dropout is their 001 and his two sons will be joining their management! Sure recipe for failure, nepotism and conflict of interest! IBOs without corporate experience are now running the show!

# Dr. Gordon Pedersen, who once worked for Enrich and then Team Paragon, as spokesperson has now hired himself out to them. As expected they are planning their campaign around him.  But I have a hunch he may not come at all!

# In the past Mr. Fan has hired other gunslingers before and they have all failed because the fundamentals are missing!

# In short it has no history of success to talk about!

2) Products??

a)     It started life as a contract manufacturer so it does manufacture its own products.

b)     R+D, They have 3 scientists on their advisory board! Versus 300, fulltime staff of Royal Numico!

c)      As our Nutritionist Mr. Loke so aptly puts it after studying their products, “They are trying to sell Kanchils as Ferraris!” I wont buying any of them even if I was not in Unicity!”

d)     They will use terms like nutraceuticals, phytonutrients, FDA approvals and clinical studies to achieve that goal! Food supplements do not need FDA approvals otherwise we will not be taking Milo today!

And the two studies quoted in the brochure had a sample size of 10 and 40 respondents! No wonder they can afford to do them!

e)     You can buy better products from the pharmacies!

3)     The Plan??

There are using our original Enrich plan, which pays 48%, their own plan used to pay 38%. As a CPA and one who has audited many MLM companies, Paul Frampton is asking one question, “Can they survive the increase??”

4)     The Potential??

Nowhere in all the places they operate in is a success story, hence this last desperate move!

5)     The people?? (Leadership)

I like what Stanley, one of Lynne’s strongest IBO said, I have been in business long enough to see thro the farce, my upline all have no brains. That’s why I said; they prey on the weak and brainless, quoting him!

Their attack is not based on how good they are but how bad; Enrich has been which speaks volumes of their caliber!

In short, they just don’t have the fundamentals to succeed!


NB: Do not circulate this and play postman. Get your people together and explained this to them, time to assert your leadership!



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