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11 Essential Things to Teach ALL New Distributors
by, Jennifer Keenan
#1. The Importance of a Warm Market

It is important to express to a new rep that network marketing is based on people communicating with people they know. Reps should use their warm market to promote themselves within the company, and also to establish a strong,
secure, and prosperous foundation. Attitude and enthusiasm are quite important when approaching your warm market. And, as a general rule, the deeper your belief level, the more chance of success.

#2. You are an Educator, not a Salesperson

A new rep's goal is to offer information to a prospect educate that prospect on the benefits of this business opportunity and on the strength of the company. Then, it is up to the prospect to decide if it is the right time for them to begin building a network marketing business. No convincing or selling is necessary. You do not want to sell or persuade, but rather to offer information, and let the person come to a decision on their own.

#3. Importance of Sticking With One System

Duplication is the most important thing in building a network marketing business. Your job is
to have a system that works in place, have it be a system that is duplicable for anyone and everyone, and teach it to your front-line distributors. Teach your front-line distributors to then in turn teach it to their front-line reps, which will teach it to their front-line reps, etc. etc. etc.


This is probably the most important thing I have to say here. If you take in this one piece of
advice, you will achieve extraordinary success in your building efforts. You cannot drag anyone to the finish line or build their business for them. You are responsible to give your new reps the
tools, the knowledge, and the support, and train them to be independent leaders. This in turn will breed other independent leaders.
***It is vital to train your reps well, and teach them to be independent.***

Never tell reps that "all they have to do is set up appointments, and you'll take care of the rest."
Never tell reps that "all they need to do is have someone call you" to find out about your company and business opportunity.
After the first 1 or 2 presentations with the sponsor, the new rep should be giving business presentations on their own, without you, and in their own home. I am the biggest criminal of having built a dependent downline in my initial stages. I spent all day making copies, giving presentations for others, mailing, and dealing with each little individual problem.
In fact, I once had a rep who was in the business for FIVE MONTHS, and this rep panicked because I was going home for the holidays and was worried that if he signed up a rep, he wouldn't know how to fill out the form. (This is the honest truth, by the way, and certainly
not the only experience I have had of this nature!).
It was at that point; that I realized something had to change. I spent 97% of my day in a wasteful fashion, and did no front-line recruiting of my own. And, in EVERY instance, those dependent reps DID NOT MAKE A DIME in their network marketing businesses, and have ALL since quit the business.

I firmly believe that 80% of your day should be spent prospecting, and "Going Wide" (a concept I'll get to in a minute).
***It is important to realize that you cannot drag anyone to the finish line you are responsible to give them the tools, give them the knowledge, and give them all the support in the world, NOT build their businesses for them. This will waste their time, and your time which could be more valuably spent.

#5. Do not lend anyone money to get started

You want to seek out and work with people who are willing to invest in themselves and make
a commitment. If someone says they can't afford it, then tell them to start putting away $20 per week until they have saved enough to become a distributor. Success depends on believing and investing in you. If someone really wants to improve their situation, they will find a way to raise this money over a period of time. And, the people who cannot afford to pay the initial start-up fee up-front are the ones who need this business the most!

#6. Do Not Offer the opportunity before making a commitment and before being trained

Along those same lines, please forewarn a prospect to NOT under any circumstance try and offer this opportunity before they have committed to building a prosperous business, and are
properly and thoroughly trained by a professional.
"I want to see if it works before I invest any money."
This is a very common response. Wanting to test it to see if it works first before a commitment is given is an absolute NO. The only way to achieve success is to commit and be trained, otherwise you do not know what steps to take to achieve success, and will fail 100% of the

And, network marketing works. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of people who have created wealth through their network marketing businesses. The real question is, "are you willing to commit and make it work for you?"

#7. The Spouse

A very big killer in this business is spousal rejection. If you know the person has a husband or wife who has influence in the decision-making process, invite them both to see a presentation. Inevitably, if one sees it, he/she will go home and try to tell the other one what the business opportunity is all about a subject that no one could possible understand after a 20 minute

#8. Meetings you want to conduct your own in-home meetings.
Hotel meetings are fine for reinforcement I get a tremendous rush and my excitement builds all over again when I hear a speaker give a closing presentation at our weekly meeting. I also attend each and every weekly meeting. However, the once-a-week hotel meeting cannot be your sole source of prospecting. It is only once a week, and what if your prospects don't show up? Presentations should be held frequently in-home throughout the week. And, the hotel meeting also should not be a prospect's first look at the business. It's preferable to give the prospect an initial presentation given by you in your home, and then be taken to a meeting for reinforcement AFTER Basic & Intermediate Training has been completed, and the rep has gone out and successfully gathered a few customers.

Think of the importance of a duplicable system what if the prospect lives in the city and does not have a car; what if the prospect is a single mom who simply cannot get away for 4 hours each and every Thursday; what if the prospect is a doctor who cannot afford to be seen by his patients the day before an operation, etc. A hotel meeting does not exemplify the freedom a networking business is supposed to bring.

Yarnell says it best, "So imagine a guy on Thursday night at 7:30, loosening his tie and walking into a meeting of a hundred people. He's thinking about the fact that he's already put in
forty-two hours this week at his company. How is he going to explain to his wife and children why he now needs to go out to meetings at night, too?"
And, hotel meetings do take away intimacy, what this business is all about. I once again should go back to the avoidance of creating a dependent downline with the mentality, "I don't have to do any work, I just have to send people to the meetings" WRONG! This business is not built any other way than through hard work and dedication. Everyone has a living space in which they can hold their meetings.

#9. Rejection - network marketing is a numbers game.

The more people you talk to, the more successful you'll be. Also, by talking to large numbers of people, each individual person begins to matter less and less. Those that say "no" will be easier to take because of those that say "yes."
The Yarnell's quote, "It is the sheer magnitude of numbers of prospects we approach that keeps us from overreacting to those who do reject our approaches. Prospecting small numbers makes the rejection bigger than life; prospecting large numbers focuses our attention on those who say yes. If you make contact with a hundred people in the course of a week, twenty of whom say, "Yes, I'd be interested in looking at what you have," and eighty of whom say, "No thanks," your
focus will be on the positive. Out of that twenty, you will be excited about the three who signed up, rather than the eighty who weren't interested. On the other hand, if you approach only ten
people, two of whom say they are willing to take a look and then decide against it, your attention inevitably is on the entire ten who got away."

Moral of the Story - the more people you educate about this business, the more successful you'll be.

#10. Go Wide Fast!

It should be your goal to recruit as many front-line reps as possible. New blood is the lifeblood of any organization 80% of your time when working your network marketing business should be devoted to prospecting. New people are what keep your organization flourishing. If you are
devoting more time to other things, than your time is not being wisely spent. Remember the dependency problem we talked about earlier be there for your reps, answer any questions they may have, give them encouragement when they need it, go over strategies, and teach them to go out and do this business for themselves, teach them to become leaders. Do not strive to make each rep you sponsor successful. If someone ultimately is going to be successful in this business, they will be successful with or without you. If someone is going to fail, they will fail with or without you. Teach people your system, and show them how to make it work for them. Again, if you accomplish this, then your front-line reps will do the same they will teach their front-line reps the system, and how to make it successful for them. Your ultimate goal is to have thousands and thousands of representatives acting as leaders and teaching their new prospects how to do the same.

From experience, I will tell you that those front-line reps that take the initiative will earn you a lot of money, and will become the most successful.


The only thing that can make you fail in this business is if you quit. This is an AMAZING statistic - 95% of all networkers who work one company for 10 years consistently, achieve wealth eyond their wildest expectations. That certainly has me excited!
Now, Go out there and make it happen! It's up to you . . .


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