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Weekly Tutorials for IBOs (2in1)


A very dangerous development is happening in our midst and we need to nip it in the bud. New IBOs do not realize the importance of coming to the weekly training but are only willing to attend functions featuring star speakers!

The solution!


1)      During the NPO we need to stress the importance of these weekly training sessions, that is why the first priority is to block out all training sessions dates in their dairies. “If you have come to play, attending functions is not an option but if you have come to watch then it is okay.”

2)      We need to stress that the system has been carefully developed to progress all IBOs as potential leaders, one step at a time as they move up the ladder, from one star to ultimately six star presenters!

3)      The song and not the singer should be stressed from the beginning in order to avoid the syndrome of “I’ll only attend functions when the speaker is famous!”

Personalities come and go and if we build our business on “hero worship” it will not stand the test of time. The system is what sustains the business! It is the lesson and not the teacher that is important! And anyone who complains that the speakers are not exciting will receive this response, “ Team Nova is committed to helping its members reach their fullest potential and you are seeing this plan in action! we call it “ the gift of self confidence!”


Reminder: This is the system!

1)      BOM…sign-up checklist/ schedule NPO

2)      NPO

3)      Weekly Training/ Tutorials. (That what happens when your do your MBA)

4)      Eagle’s training are those who want to be Star Presenters (Build confidence)

5)      Home-parties are the engines of growth. After blocking all the dates for weekly training the new IBO is encourage to have a Home-party.

6)      Product Workshops include DOL, IES, and Targeted Nutrition. These are for larger groups, like clubs and associations.

7)      Leadership Seminars, like Success Workshop is a once in 3 months thing.

NB: WE as leaders conduct all of these, in addition to the company’s functions!


Bring ‘EM in and move them along.


1-Star: “My product story” and “Why I am in UNICITY”

2-Star: Product demo/training.

3-Star: Skills, “How-to” e.g. 8ESS, NPO, Home parties.

4-Star: Concepts and Philosophy. E.g. Duplication,

5-Star: Motivation,

6-Star: Emcee and Booms

NB: We need to grow and groom our Star Presenters of the future! That’s what the weekly tutorials are for!

Do not re-invent the wheel! Duplicate your way to the TOP!






1) Our mission: Generate a sense of belonging!

10 minutes of fellowship. Introduce yourself to anyone you have not met. Make the VVIPs feel especially welcomed, “Congratulations and welcome to Team Nova, this thing is so powerful” Practice you edification. “You should feel lucky to have such a dedicated support line, even though she’s new she already has a good grasp of the business.”

Assignment # 1: “Script 5 phrases to welcome VVIPs and 5 Phrases to edify support lines.


2) Atmosphere: “This is electrifying!”

Emcee begins by welcoming and recognizing VVIPs. Plus leaders ranked “Director and above.”

The role of the Emcee (6-star) is critical.

a)      Generate electricity in the room!

b)      Add value to presentations.

c)      Keep time. (All speakers should keep an eye on her for the cue to stop)

d)      Encourage involvement and audience participation. This the key to their coming back for more!


Section 1 “Why I am in Unicity” X 2 speakers.


Section 2: a) Product Demo. ( fine presenter who does not do any demo) 1 anchor presenter plus two rookie- IBOs (Duplication, duplication)

                  b) Two testimonies!

                 c) Sum up by Emcee.


Section 3: SKILLS: “How to…”

a)      Presenter, plus

b)      Contribution from 1 leader from the floor, to encourage concept “come to contribute and give to receive!”

Section 4: Recognition:

a)      New IBOs who are on fire, in terms of the 4Ss. Support-line, it is your duty to inform and brief Emcee with a written note.

b)      New rank achievements.

Section 5: Concepts/Philosophy:

                 E.g., Why people fail, 4Ps,

Section 6: Motivation: “My Success story”. I.e rehearsal for PD speech.

Section 7: News and important announcements/promote coming functions.


Desired end result: “This is awesome, I wished more of my people were here!”


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